Brave & Fluid, 10x10"

Brave & Fluid, 10x10"


Proud and relaxed, the lion reminds us to be confident and trust.
Flowing and fluid, the water reminds us to adapt and expand.

Brave & Fluid, 10x10", Encaustic

This, and every painting here, was conceived and created by Jess Weems in Reno, Nevada. Jess paints stories that honor the places we love and question the ways we divide and conquer the earth.

This piece is made with encaustic paint, which is a combination of beeswax and damar resin. The resin makes it harder and shinier than just beeswax. As with all art, keep it out of direct sunlight to preserve the colors. Do also keep it in temperatures lower than 150 degrees F and above 45 degrees F. If the surface become dusty feel free to buff it with a soft cloth.

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