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Lovely Life on the Road: Manhattan with Kate

Manhattan was overflowing with beautiful things. There was so much to inspire and move me. Thankfully my sis-in-law put up with my excitement and near-weeping over the beauty I encountered.
In a place like NYC it is easy to get lost,
easy to reject that which you do not know or understand,
easy to get frustrated by the guy trying to get you to rent his bike taxi,
easy to be blown away,
easy to eat too much,
easy to take too many pictures,
easy to blow money,
easy to stop and stare at art,
easy to sweat through your clothes,
easy to see the beauty of graffiti,
easy to remember what good food tastes like,
easy to find good food,
easy to be mesmerized,
easy to take the wrong subway,
easy to wander and forget you are lost.

the dancer i got to explore with

the genius and seeming ease of this place impressed me

so impressed and so wanting to be a child again...there was a water sprayer section too, of course



i looked at the detail you can't see from a postcard and tried to capture close-ups of some


van gogh


never knew that it is made with real fabric and ribbon

my true love: modern art

martin kline encaustic titled "the nest"

challenging the structure and function of a book, yet long the way a street is seen as you fly by in a car

anne ryan

i had never heard of anne ryan, but i fell in love and stared at the texture and composition of her collages

we saw some very old stuff too...impressive in their own way

how beautiful would life be if we always paid attention to the details and the big picture?


i'm not the only one

stark and beautiful (to me)

us after biking around central park

we really had to work for our tour, which always feels satisfying when you are done

the stage where we saw Alvin Ailey perform

the ailey performance blew me away...gave us both goosebumps
imagery that made you feel alive and want to be alive...life made for purpose once again


Chelsea Market

isn't it beautiful? falling in love all over again.

and then there was bread (actually i had amy's best in nyc sticky bun and it was to die for)

chelsea market directory/map

best map i've ever seen

in the tea shop

want it, must make it


anthropologie did it again...threw me into a tizzy of excitement and made me cry at the genius beauty of it all

a step outside took us up to the high line and even more good design

then off to the store that brings it all together: abc carpet & home

...which always overwhelms me in the best possible way

oh, abc carpet, how you make me smile and fill my head with wonderful ideas. i love thee.
and then it was time to sleep...

...more to come (Queens, Brooklyn, and Pennsylvania)

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