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Epiphany: making things is good for me

I have been painting here and there...when I can fit it in, as always. Finally got set up to do encaustics and I am loving it. Except for when I nearly lit the whole thing on fire. Ever believe in mischievous pixies trying to destroy the world? I do, because I swear I didn't turn the heat up to 450 degrees on the wax pan!

First Big Encaustics Painting...what a pain to get that much wax the flow the way you want it! Sheesh!

how my day went


Ben and I were inspired to make fresh pasta on Monday. It was a fun process.

following jamie oliver's recipe for pasta 

first roll

much thinner


mushrooms in olive oil and white wine

sun is setting...time to eat

Life has been better. Last week wasn't so bad. Lots of fun things are upcoming and provide small steps toward summer. I long for the days of being home.

Lovely Life on the Road: Manhattan with Kate

Sometimes you just need to drive to another country.