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Sometimes you just need to drive to another country.

For the past month or so as I am driving home from work everyday I have been having this insatiable urge to just keep going. Pass my exit and just keep driving north. I just wanted to drive. Drive away from work, decisions, stress, kids, people, traffic, and everything I see everyday. I wanted to explore.

I wanted to be somewhere I had never been before. So I convinced Ben that this was something I needed to do and we made plans. I wanted to go to the Gaspé Peninsula, but this weekend we only had two days, so we decided to leave that for another time. We decided to drive and see where we ended up. In the end we were gone for a total of 36 hours and drove about 850 miles.

We went through four states (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York) and Quebec. We passed through the White Mountains (NH), having lunch at the Moat Mountain Brewery, and followed the Connecticut River to its origin, the Connecticut Lakes.

We crossed the border in a very snowy pass.

And drove through rural Quebec.

We didn't make it to the hostel we were heading to. We stopped in Drummondville, Quebec and crashed at a Best Western instead. The next morning we got breakfast at a little french bakery and headed north to the St Lawrence river.

From there we follow the river south-west to Montreal to one of my favorite places: Atwater Market.

We then headed back to the border, angled toward the Adirondack Mountains. We crossed the border and drove through the Adirondacks.

We crossed Lake Champlain on a ferry since the bridge it out...

...and drove through the Green Mountains.

And visited our second brewpub, at the Norwich Inn, where Ben found me my moose (I had been looking for one the whole trip).

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