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The Box Challenge: Day 1


box #1: before

While packing up my brother and his wife and moving them to Lynn, Masschusetts over the last few days I was thinking about how nice it is to start fresh and organize your life as you want it...and in that process have a real sense of how much stuff you own. This brought my thoughts unpleasantly back to my own situation. We bought this house three years ago, moved our stuff into the basement while we renovated, gutted the house, lived in 800 square feet for many months, and now it is mostly done and liveable so we do very little to finish it. One problem. All that stuff we moved into the basement is still there. We found what we needed and re-bought what we couldn't find. We live without our library and I need to consolidate my art supplies, but there is a lot of stuff down there that we obviously do not need and it needs to go.

So I have devised a challenge for myself. Unpack one box - just one, no more - every day until they are gone and the basement is empty. If you would like to join me with your own box nightmares I would love the company!

box #1: after!

Tonight I uppacked a box of "bathroom" stuff. Some I left in the box to be donated. Some - like a pillow for the tub - had molded and went into the trash. Some I found places for. And it didn't take too long. It was just one box.

I am going to take pictures of every box to post here to show my progress and you all can feel free to yell at me to get me off my butt if I start slacking off. Please do. I'm going to need it and it will make you feel good about helping me without actually coming over and doing a box yourself. Win-win! If you want to join the challenge, leave me a comment and get unpacking!

The Box Challenge: Day 2

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