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The Box Challenge: Days 4, 5 & 6

Yes, I have been unpacking one box per day these last fews days...just hadn't gotten to blogging about it. Three more boxes have been unpacked and their cardboard is not folded up at the top of the stairs. Box #4 contained all of my BeDe cards and other random office junk. I found a spot for the BeDe cards and added new cards to the binders. Box #5 was a box of books, so I found a shelf for them. Probably should get rid of some of them, but for now they will stay. I feel like we need to go through our whole library and sort it out. Box #6 was huge and heavy! It was more random office stuff, including a box of photos, old birthday cards (what does one do with them all??), the contents of my old magnetic board (still have to go through that), the file with all the drafts of my wedding invitations, and some school stuff.

So this question comes to mind, how does one find the balance between sentimental keepsake and hoarder packrat? I feel like this room is quickly filling with stuff I don't really want and yet each item individually seems reasonable to keep. Am I fated to drown in clutter??

If Only (the progression of a painting)

The Box Challenge: Day 3