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The Box Challenge: Day 3

So today I slept in and then got myself swept up in painting, so just did my box now. I was not happy about doing this one, labeled "Jess Office." The office in our apartment had so much junk in it and I just don't know what to do with it. This particular box was half full of old electronic devices. Luckily I have the best possible dumping ground for this kind of stuff...Dad's electrical and computer engineering lab at UMass Amherst. So with one phone call I had a home for that junk. They will either use it or take it apart and make something else from it. Not everyone can recycle/reuse electrical devices, but they can!

this stuff is going to dad's lab

In other news, I completed a little encaustic today. I had previously draw the line to chart the ups and downs of a day with a particularly anxiety-invoking evening (can't quite remember why). So today I painted and waxed the line's story.


I'm really liking these little line-based encaustics. For one thing they make bad days a source for interesting art. A good day would just make for a boring line. I'm also painting a lot of houses. I'll post more about those another time...and when I have more done.

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