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Here Comes the Rain

...Literally and Figuratively.

It is currently raining and I hear it getting more intense as it patters down on the roof above my head. But it is also April and I will not be resting until June is come and gone. Ahead of me I have three hard months of things I love and a sprinkling of things I don't. 

Short list:


5 field trips for a total of 7 days out and about (3 outdoor club, 2 academic)

MCAS (read: crazy-making)

MCAS review projects, Science Fair, phenology study, and environmental films

S.E.D.A.T.E. (Special Edition Daily Announcements and Television Entertainment; our spoof news show which requires rehearsing the day before) 

Youth Group retreat

Summer Travel Plans 

...and my stress-relieving activity is making more clothes. Like this top I finally finished.


I need to sleep or I will never make it. But I am also trying to get out and enjoy this lovely weather.  Yesterday I took the dogs up to the cliffs. It was the little pup Basil's first time all the way up. Such a cutie! But definitely a little too comfortable at the edge. Curious puppy better watch his step. (note: he was safe, don't worry)


I just love this shot. I just love this shot.

dsc_1096 Queen Lexi the Greatest


Rain It Has

Florence Shirt from b+j greene