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Florence Shirt from b+j greene

Yesterday I finished a batch of the second of the hometown shirts:
the Florence Shirt.


If you missed the first one, I am creating a set line of shirts named after towns I have lived in or near. I will still do custom orders as requested, but streamlining is essential in my busy life.

sequins-smThis second shirt is named after Florence, Massachusetts. I lived in Florence for one year while my parents flipped a house (I was 2 years-old), but Florence is important to me for other reasons. 

Its Description:


Florence, Massachusetts is a quaint and quiet village within the city of Northampton. As a child my family would take the village’s bike path to Look Park. Look Park is a classic old park with pedal boats, a playground, ball fields, a little zoo, and a small train (don’t forget to yell when you go under the bridge!). Years later as a teenager, the time I spent in Florence helped lay the foundation for my current creative endeavors. Florence is where I learned more about SLR cameras (shooting in black and white), how to compose using the rule of thirds, and how to use Photoshop at a basic but helpful level. It was there that I first watched a photographer work, glimpsed the creative process, and saw the possibilities of digital imaging. In my mind, it is the combination of rural beauty and digital media that makes Florence a special place.

I have three of these available at this time (small, medium, and large). The shirt shown is a medium. They are available on our etsy store: bandjgreene.etsy.com 

Personal Note:
It is very challenging to capture these shirts in one photograph for Etsy because the whole point is usually that there is stuff on the back too. Oh well. I will just continue to hope that people click and look at more of the pictures.

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