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Backtracking a Couple Weeks

Where does the time go? Does it take a retreat in the mountains, or slip away to the sea, or spontaneously book a flight out of the country? Or maybe it gets busy too and loses track of itself. These photos were taken during our Thanksgiving Day post-feast walk around Amherst, Massachusetts. 

I am constantly drawn to the shapes, shadows, and weaves of branches, especially when they are bare as they are now. My favorite time of day is right before dusk begins, when the horizontal light begins to yellow and splashes its vibrance onto all the twigs, branches, and trunks in its path. I have always loved lying at the bottom of tree trunks and looking up into the branches of the tree, especially large trees with a story to tell. In the next couple months I think at least one of these new shots will make its way onto shirts.


Welcome Back...as I light your homework on fire!

Early Christmas and Christmas To Come