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Welcome Back...as I light your homework on fire!

I had a hilarious class this morning. They are always funny but we had some extra fun today. One of my students was trying to complete his 100-question social studies homework from vacation in my class. Now usually I don't make a big deal out of this. I'm not usually the teacher who rips homework out of students' hands and tears it up dramatically in front of the class. I take it away and give it back at the end of class. But this student was asking my whole class for the answers and repeatedly, loudly asked other students if he could copy theirs, after I had introduced the activity for the day!

I spoke to him, warned him, and then another student sugested that I burn it. I thought that was a great idea. I gave him a couple more chances before taking it away. By then all the students were saying "Oh, she'll never do it" so I had to follow through at that point. So I took a lighter and held the paper over a bucket and set it on fire. We watched the burn line creep higher until the flames were too close to my hand. 12" high flames were never so satisfying.

Then the funniest moment came  when the teacher whose classroom attaches to mine came through our connecting door and asked me if I smelled smoke too. Everyone just started laughing as I told her what I did. Thank goodness she didn't call the office/fire department before asking me! Of course, then after class we took the ashes to the social studies teacher - who cracked up too - and she is now displaying them at the front of her room.

R.I.P. oh sweet, plagiarized homework.

Dear Diary, I am on a journey.

Backtracking a Couple Weeks