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Early Christmas and Christmas To Come

So Thursday my mom was at my house helping us out by painting the new office/studio walls. This was a huge help since we are trying to get it done today tomorrow so I can withdraw from my occupation of the living room and make room for the Christmas tree we are going to cut tomorrow. BUT, she had even bigger plans in the works. I was doing something upstairs (once I finally got home from school) and heard a big delivery truck pull up. I hear "Hey, Jess, come downstairs!" Next thing I know, two very nice Sears delivery guys are hauling out our old (fire-hazard) stove and replacing it with the stove of my DREAMS! It has 5 burners (one big oval one for a griddle) and is just so pretty. It is an early Christmas present from my parents so I can use it for holiday baking. 


Oh my goodness, I love it! I made homefries, bacon, and beautiful evenly-cooked blueberry pancakes on the oval griddle burner this morning. Then fried tofu and kale for dinner. Then made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for tomorrow after tree cutting.


The office/studio is coming along...slower than we thought, as always. But the progress has been huge this week and I should be up there by Monday. Then I think it will take me most of Christmas vacation to get settled, organized, and make some built-in storage. I am looking forward to it. Here are some pics from about an hour ago.


And for the Christmas to come...
For those of you who don't know, in the last year or two most of our close friends have moved away leaving us to make new friends and feel lonely. Well, today I realized that much of my Christmas excitement this year is looking forward to seeing all my friends and family who have moved away. C&J are coming from CA, C,A&N are coming from NJ, E&H are coming from WV, and the newlywed sister-in-law and husband too! And one of my other sisters-in-law is home from a semester in Tanzania and will be here-home in a few days! Being left behind is hard, especially since I have always planned on leaving, but I try not to think about it and I am trying to get out of my shell to meet new people (which is definitely not in my comfort zone). But everyone is coming back for a week or two and my little heart could just burst with anticipation. I am so looking forward to being all together again. With the addition of baby N for her first Christmas too!

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