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Bliss (encaustic mixed media on panel; 12"x12")

This image of a home in the clouds has been with me since June. It came to me after spending a wonderful day with some new artist friends. They are wonderful people and they brought me into their little circle when I didn't know anyone. It was an important moment for me – to feel that strong and happy living the life of an artist.

Usually the imagery in my paintings is raw and sad because those are usually the emotions that are strong enough in my life to push images into my head. But this painting is about feeling blissfully happy, a feeling I have rediscovered recently with quitting my job and following my dreams. That time I spent in June surrounded and belonging to something creative and special made me feel this way so intensely that this image has stuck with me since. There are more happy home sketches from June and I hope to get to them soon...and in Spain.

Bliss (detail)Bliss (detail)

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