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Working From Home

This year will be the first year I do not see fall. This year will be the first year I will not be with anyone I know for my birthday. Thoughts that come to me as I work and ponder all the changes happening.

Lexi and Basil joyfully keep me company while I work.

I am loving working for myself from home. I think I am beginning to find a pace and routine that works. I love making real food for breakfast and lunch. I love working on the laptop outside. 

Right now I am typing the beginnings of this post while sitting in the full afternoon sun in our backyard with the dogs at my feet. I have a bag a treats, you see, so they will not stray for now. Basil, the little one, rolls around in the grass in the sun. He likes it hot. Lexi lays in the shade. Basil has lost his ball. But that’s okay for now because when he has it he insists that it keeps moving...meaning I have to throw it.

I am glad I am loving work right now. It had felt overwhelming and that’s just not fun, but I also need something to look forward to coming back to. Especially since I won’t be coming back to days when I can sunbathe while working. It will be winter. Grey, grey winter. But as long as I have art to make and possibilities in the future then I think I will make it.


Tree Climbing