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Then & Now: Smith College Bulb Show

The whole Northampton, Massachusetts area holds a series of wonderful memories for me. The Smith College greenhouses are one of those memorable spots. Most years we attended the Bulb Show in March - an amazing explosion of spring just before the real spring is sprung outside. The smell alone is worth a visit.

1991 (age: 6 1/2)

The left photo is one of my favorites of me as a child. I loved the Kirsten American Girl books at that age, so I wanted my hair in the looped braids, a style I still find cute. For a while my mom took a picture of me at the Smith College Bulb Show every year...kind of like a school picture but way better.

1988 (ages: 3 1/2 and almost 2)

Lovely memories. I am thankful in this moment for all the wonderful memories I have and all the opportunities to continue traditions started when I was small.

2009 - Mom and I




Now - a month later - the bulbs are blooming outside the greenhouses. Color is ever so slowly dotting the landscape. A little warmth would speed it up but the weather is holding out on us so far.

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