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red maple flowers

This week of school vacation has been wonderful. I needed to just be home and working on my projects, as much as I wanted to travel. I wish the sun and warmth had showed up a little more (it was spitting snow when we went rock climbing on Thursday!), but I do love working to the sound of rain on the roof. And we had one beautiful day.

Tuesday the hills were a hazy purplish-red through the mist and rain. The red-tipped Red Maples are bringing back color to the hills once again. The apriocot tree's baby pink blossoms have just popped the slightest bit open. Amazing what a little rain and warmth can do. I can pratically see the leaf buds growing plumper by the second.

state bird: chickadee

And the birds! In particular we have a group of chickadees checking out our birdhouse and a cardinal nesting outside our door.

can you see her? she hid her nest well.

I know it is very Northern Hemisphere-centric to say, but I love that Easter is during our spring. It's not just Hallmark that makes the connection. The earth is waking up and it feels nice to be celebrating the risen Christ too.

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