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Get Your Paint On: Week Three

We are off to Ecuador with seven high school students in a couple hours but I finally snuck in some painting right after I finished packing. This week I was sick and busy with trip prep so it was a frustrating week for painting. Glad to get to it before 8 days away from my supplies.

emotions (6"x6" encaustic)

This week's assignment for Get Your Paint On was to play with color by finding objects you like, mixing paint to match those colors and then using those colors in a painting. I've had this assortment of buttons in this metal tin around for a few weeks just waiting to be inspiration so I decided it was time. The imagery for the painting came while thinking about emotional highs and that which keeps us from crashing afterwards. I am happy with it. Quickly done but it had been simmering in my brain for about a week.

color inspiration

Wish I had more time to talk about mixing the colors and show you my hot palette, but I must finish packing up all the bathroom stuff and drop the dogs off at the in-laws! We will be in the Ecuadorian jungle helping building a house for a school there. Very excited. Wish I had brushed up on my Spanish more, but I can't do everything.

I will try to post from down there, but not sure what internet access will be like. If not, pictures will come when we get back March 1st!

Jungle, Ice and Wax

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