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Get Your Paint On: Week Two

I did it! I painted a non-flat, "painterly" painting. It has dimension and I couldn't be prouder.

mountain home (10"x10" encaustic)

This week's assignment from Mati and Lisa was to find a painting by an artist you love and let one aspect of it influence your painting. I had an image in my mind that I had to paint. It is a combination of various views of the Holyoke Range from both North and Southbound Route 91. So I must confess that I didn't pick one specific painting to let myself be influenced by. I particularly wanted to work on producing a painting that actually showed dimension and perspective. So using some of the wonderful inspiration and examples Mati and Lisa provided I went from there.

mountain home, in progress (applying oil to incised lines)

I chose to use encaustics again this week. Addictive and I have so much to learn. I started with layering the sky over and over with black, clear, Payne's Grey, and white until I got it the way I wanted it. That took forever and I wish more of the layers were actually visible but it's all part of the process and I am happy with it. After the sky came the formless white land. All the trees and corn rows were incised into the cool wax. I started with putting blue in the far mountains, adding brown on top and in the foreground trees. Then the corn rows were filled with yellow. As soon as I put the first blue paint down I knew I had got something right. My distracted driving staring at the mountains over the past few weeks had paid off. I had achieved at least some sense of dimension.

And then the house. Storm clouds behind it, the home is rooted to the mountain. With the home again as a symbol of my personal world, this is a hopeful painting. Despite the storm there is a foundation.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! That is what makes the class extra special. Mati and Lisa have certainly attracted a lovely crowd of supportive people!

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