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Waxed Christmas

My work comes to me in visions: flashes of idea that brew below my consciousness and then burst forth when matured. The other day I saw encaustic Christmas trees. So I went in search of a form I could paint on and found paper mâché cones. And today I painted on a cone shape for the first time. It was a challenge, but completely worth it. 

I painted a total of four Christmas trees. The two in the picture above have a lot of accression/texture built up. The one I am painting in the pictures is very melted and drippy. The fourth, which I did after I called Ben in to snap some pictures, is green with white lace stencil over it. Stenciling on a cone shape was also challenging, but fun. 

I also made sets of little encaustic coated blocks (you can see them in the above picture). Each set includes three blocks that stack from biggest to smallest resembling a Christmas tree. The words "Merry Christmas" are transfered onto the two biggest blocks. 

I am making all of these things (along with prints, originals and shirts) to sell at the Wishstudio Make Shop Mingle indie artisan trunk show tomorrow! If you are in Eastern Massachusetts please come! 21 Middle Street, Newburyport from 10am-3pm.  

On another note, I really need to look less concerned when being photographed. I look...bothered? Way too serious. 

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