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Europe: Paris

These were a few sites I just loved. Pastries, candy and flowers looking their best. The colors and arrangements of objects were stunning everywhere you looked.
Paris was amazingly lovely. Everywhere I looked there were charming shops, fine architectural details and rich culture. It really was everything I hoped it would be. Very old books in french everywhere. Vendors selling ephemera, sheet music, and lithoprints...even before we went to the flea markets (next post, promise!).
Street vendors along the river selling the most wonderful books and paper objects. I wanted to buy it all! I did buy a couple small books.
Pont Neuf, Point Zero of Paris, and various other lovely sights.
The people...eh, not so great. Some were nice, some not. Lots of crowds. Got pretty weary of pressing bodies and vendors calling at us. Pretenious, annoying teenagers nearly sent me over the edge at the end of our lovely dinner. And I thought teens from the suburbs were bad, sheesh!


Notre Dame facadeNotre Dame
Notre Dame
An amazing french dinner. Thank you, Lonely Planet, for the suggestion.Paris at night was just as lovely, but far more crowded that the Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris" made me think it would be.
IconicA Framboise Macaroon: glad I listened to the suggestion to try one. Amazing!
And of course I shot some video so you can get a sense for the streets and feeling of the place. Enjoy!

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