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Europe: Edinburgh (and Ben's bag)

Feeling sad and emotional. Every song I hear sounds sad. Tears threaten. I keep thinking about Ben leaving and going home on Sunday. We are both kind of sick. We had to trade days in the mountains for a slower pace...a hard trade but needed. We are not sure we have a way to Torla today. Need to go to the bus station and see what is up. It is strange to feel this way while in such a great place, but I guess that is what all this travel does to us. 

So we are in Spain, but I am still blogging about Edinburgh. A quick post, then on to Paris. 

Walking on lovely old streets.

Edinburgh Castle and Cathedral (lower right)....upper left is the dog grave yard in the castle

Edinburgh Castle...great rooms and dungeons

More Edinburgh

We were told: "Eat the haggis!" So we ate Haggis, Tatties, and Neeps...haggis with mashed turnips and potatoes. It was actually good. (lower left: a measurement of how much ketchup ben eats)

Enjoying our first class train trip to Cambridge. England and Scotland were beautiful by train.

Almost forgot to add this. Love this video of Ben and his giant bag!

Europe: Paris

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