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La Fragua: Trip to Córdoba

The famous arches of the Mezquita de Córdoba

During my first week here in my residency Javi, Rosana and I took a trip to Córdoba...and it happened to be my birthday. La Fragua was having an opening for a show in Córdoba, which gave me a chance to gather some art supplies and seeing an amazing city. I am going back this week to see more, but this is what I saw on my first trip a couple weeks ago.

Let's start on the outside of the Mosque. La Mezquita de Cordoba was built on top of a ruined cathedral in 785 AD, but then when the Christians took back over in the 16th century they put a catherdral in the middle of it. So it is called the Mezquita-Catedral. It tells the story of change in the city. And it is absolutely stunning.


one of the outside doors of the mosquePuerta del Perdón: the 14th century gateway to the Mezquita/Mosque

As you go through the Puerta del Perdón you enter the Patio de los Naranjos, the Patio of the Oranges. I especially loved the aqueducts that delivered water to the orange trees.

Patio de los Naranjos (and dome in the Puerta del Perdón)aqueducts to water the orange trees

And then you go inside. And all the archtectural styles just mash together into something completely unique.

one of several painted domes


part of the maksura, muslim prayer enclosure

dome of the maksura

left: the cathedral; right: arches of the mosque

What struck me the most were the patterns. My eyes hurt from staring through my camera lens.

I was in awe of the great variety of patterns covering every surface

After spending a good, long time soaking up the mosque I explored the Juderia (jewish district), had a slice of Santos' famous tortilla (a giant cake of potato and egg), some tapas, and genuinely enjoyed Córdoba. I also did some birthday shopping for myself.

sights around the cityAnd then we went to the opening. The show features an audio composition of women talking about their mothers and the sea. It was composed by Hiroya Miyura. You can read more about the installation here

Top: the audio installation complimented by mirrors; left: leaving the show; bottom: tapa and drinks afterward

A fabulous birthday.

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