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La Fragua: Tuesday is Market Day

orange and purple carrot at the tuesday market

I posted a little about the market in one of my other posts, but today I took a tiny bit of video too. And more photos. It really is wonderful to have so much good food...and cheaply!

Today I bought:
1 bundle of chard ... 0,50eu
1/2 kilo of handcut cured ham ... 9eu
1/2 small wheel of cured goat cheese ... 4eu
1 filet of white fish ... 1,28eu
5 carrots, 1 bundle of spring onions, and 1 bag of spinach ... 2eu

The goat cheese is great. Strong and bold. As it should be. 

Lunch today was sliced tomatoes from the garden drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt with fresh bread, cured ham, and goat cheese. 

Dinner tonight was leftover lentil leek soup that I made Sunday with seeded bread and goat cheese.

I am going to pan fry the fish tomorrow for dinner and sautee the greens to have with it.  

queso...goat, cow and sheepI do love food.


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