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Tales of a Snow Day

sign of a good snow day

I always try to fit too much into a day. I woke up this morning with a full to-do list slated for my snow day. I actually bargined with the clouds last night (if you dump enough snow for a snow day I promise I will take down the Christmas tree and do laundry). The clouds held up their side of the bargain, but I did not.

berry flax seed pancakes before ben went to work

The laundry is not my fault. The washer is stuck on the final spin cycle and won't fill, so I'm off the hook there (although I suppose I should have done more to try to fix it). The tree (yes, it is still up. i love it.) is totally my fault. I still might get to it. Or it might wait for me until Saturday.

drying tea bags for wax experiments

I also have a to do list a mile long of stuff to do on my computer (of course, I am now blogging instead!), but I chose to not turn on the computer this morning to fit in some painting time. After a lovely snowshoe through the winter wonderland and a breakfast of berry pancakes and smoothies I was preparing to do battle with my to do list when my husband suggested I start with blocking off some time for painting. "Go paint! By inspired!" he said. So I got lost in painting...all day.

well, painting and eating all day

I only did one little painting, but I took a first step in mixing colors. I tend to just use colors and never mix them. I know this is a weakness so I've signed up for a color mixing class in June and bought a couple books on color. But I've also been struggling with finding a palette that I like, so today I got out one of my color books (this one to be exact) and started melting and mixing wax. I ended up with a palette of colors that I think are a good start.

Now as I grumpily complain about my lack of progress on my to do lists, my wonderful husband tells me not to think of my day as a failure but to focus on the things I got to do. He tells me that I sounded so happy on the phone today and so to focus on how happy painting made me feel. He's just full of good advice today.

olives look like eggs

food just tastes better when it gets all over your hands too...love eating with my hands


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