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Blankets and Winter Hiking

In my Big Dreams Small Wonders class this past week we reviewed the last year, taking pride in our celebrations and letting go of our regrets. This week we are starting to dream about the future. Louise has been talking a lot about making space in our lives, creating opportunities for affirmation and celebration, and taking the time to re-energize ourselves. So today when I finally sat down after school and yoga and grocery shopping and making dinner, I found myself crashing as usual into the I-am-so-full-and-now-I-hate-myself-because-there-is-so-much-to-do-and-I-can't-move slump. I was tired and achy and life just felt so sucky as usual. Then I remembered what Louise has been saying about taking the space we need to re-energize and I realized that this is what being nice to yourself means.

So I asked Ben to put the kettle on, made myself some peppermint tea, wrapped myself in my super plush faux fur throw blanket and sat watching the steam curling up from my mug. At first I still felt worn and down, but slowly I began to just appreciate the softness of the blanket, the simplicity of the tea, the warmth of being wrapped up, and just sitting. It was lovely to take the time to enjoy meaningful but simple things and find energy I didn't know I had.


This weekend I was in New Hampshire and had a lovely time relaxing in the warm Highland Center lodge and hiking the cold trails around it. There are some of the photos I took. They don't really do the wonders justice, but a reminder nonetheless. (click on them to go into the slideshow mode)


I am actually starting to like winter hiking. Can't wait for more snow or to go find it myself if it can't find me.

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