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Creating at R&F Paints and Home

On Saturday I had the opportunity to play around with wonderful R&F encaustics at their Kingston, NY facility. There was a demo and then playtime! I had never worked with colored wax, only clear, so it was new and resulted in mixed results. I made mistakes, played around, tried not to think about what I was doing too much and realized that I need to take a basic colors class. It was a great time and rather than waiting for by birthday, I am going to order the equipment to start using colored wax this week! This next step in my artistic journey makes me brim with excitement.

Studio of R&F Paints in Kingston, NY

the heated palette for the wax

different priming techniques

i will be building one of these fume exhaust fans

1st play piece

2nd play piece...messed this one up big time and had to scrap the whole thing down...which looked cool enough

3rd play piece

I then was so excited about painting that I did two small encaustic pieces Sunday morning, just with clear wax. Not the most meaningful works, but they came out quite nicely and allowed me to experiment more.

Materials Experiment: mica powder, dictionary paper, lace, sewing pattern, wax

an experiment with india ink on the claybord and old wall paper on the right

So much painting feels good and is soothing to my soul. I need all the soothing I can get faced with the injustice of the world and going back to dreaded school.

This is another piece I did last week. It is an expression of my emotional state the day I found out about the deaths of the aid workers in Afghanistan, which unfortunately included the father of dear dear friends. The pain is still so real and yet it cannot compare to my friends' own, I'm sure. This day was also the day I was helping pack up my brother and his wife as they moved away. They are not that far, but father than they ever have been and it makes me sad.

passing on (unexpectedly)

So my heart is heavy. So I paint and organize, organize, unpack, and paint. And paint some more. And try not to think about going back to school and try not to think about what will happen to my soul then.

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