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The Box Challenge: Days 11-16

given to me right after we started dating

Going into the future now because I will be away for the next few days. Pre-unpacking rather than trying to catch up afterwards.

Box 11 was yesterday and it was most unspectacular. It contained mostly old bottles of otc medicines, lotions, and vitamins. They went straight into the trash. 3 year-old Maalox anyone? Gross! We should have never packed so quickly...no thought to what was important and what we would certainly not be unpacking soon enough. Ah, lessons learned.

Box 12 was not in the basement, but not all of them are. I have a few boxes lying around in the office itself and this was one of them. It contained all of our various print papers. I had cleaned off the paper trays the other day so neatly they went onto the plastic shelves. That was a satisfying box!

Box 13 was more books. Enough said.

Box 14 was mostly empty, but it counts because it was still taking up space in the basement. It had some unwanted kitchen stuff in it that had been left after the good stuff was taken out.

Box 15 was dreaded school notes and binders. What do you do with all your old college notes? Will I want them again? Most I kept. A few things went into the recycling. I just don't know.

Box 16 was more randomness. One notecard box held all the rsvp cards from our wedding 6 years ago. I thumbed through them lovingly until I realized that I was counting up how many of the families that were noted on the cards could no longer be written as such and how many of the people listed I cannot count as friends anymore. I counted three divorces and more lost friends than I have fingers before I slammed the box shut frustrated by how the passing of time claims relationships. Hot, angry tears...but I'll be okay. Some change is just hard and to find something so tangible showing the change caught me off guard. There have also been marriages, babies born, and new friends added in the last 6 years. For that sunshine I am thankful.

I did find my reindeer antlers my mom got me for wearing to school right before the Christmas break. Every year since we moved I have mourned their loss the day before vacation. Now, to keep them not lost until December!


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