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Planting Chives in the Dark

This is the most exhausting and splendiferous time of my year. My life is a non-stop party of intensive film production, travel, food, teens and breaking the mold of who a "teacher" is supposed to be (example: screaming down the hallway "I don't like spam!" in a British accent).

As my classroom aide said the other day, "This is your favorite time of year, isn't it?"

Yes it is.

When I have energy and am happy my students can rightly assume that I have had caffeine. Right now they are very confused because I act caffeinated, but swear I have had none. Some teachers continue teaching in June, others pop in movie after movie, but I temporarily forget I am a science teacher and instead teach filmmaking and take students backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

The world is green again, I am teaching whatever I want, and I am missing three days of school to backpack. I may not get paid for Outdoor Club, but I do get to miss three days of school at the end of the year. Priceless.


Checked off To Do List items:
plant garden (yes, I planted the chives in the dark)
order gear for trip next week 
see UP
go out to dinner during restaurant week
screen shirts for squam 

Still To Do:
embellish shirts for squam
beat my previous procrastination record (how many things can I possibly do before finishing these darn shirts!?)
plan menu for backpacking
shop for backpacking food
arrange travel in Canada 
grade science fair 


If you are in the Squam Lakes region this weekend I will be selling shirts at the Squam Art Workshops' Art Fair. I have new shirt designs and lots of them. Come say hi and browse all the wonderful goodies if you can! [directions]