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3 days left. This is truely my favorite part of the year. I am trying to soak up every minute of time I have with my favorite children. In my third year of teaching I think I finally have gotten myself organized enough to have enough energy to make it to the end. I have very little patience left but I am able to absorb the good moments when they come. And this week I am finding that the more I relax and just enjoy being with my students, the more I realize I will miss them. And the more I realize that I lost so many opportunities to say what they really need to hear.

...must not cry yet.

Instead, let us laugh about my insane schedule for the next 6 days:

Faculty breakfast, morning tv cast and crew breakfast, per 2 breakfast and film editing, per 3 breakfast and film editing, per 4 movie editing and watching, per 5 finishing filming, per 6 editing, outdoor club bbq, 5th wedding anniversary, youth group bbq, class day (= 300 students on inflatables and playing games) with bbq, finish all 5 films, export and burn films (this takes forever), breakfast with homerooms, awards ceremony, screening the 5 films, ice cream party, goodbyes, dress shopping, clean room, clean room, clean room, grade 8 faculty party (and remember to take off my e-brake this year!).

So the real question is...will I ever be able to eat muffins or a burger again?

Film Synopses:
Per 2: We are the knights who say TREE!
Per 3: mutant midgets brutally murder innocent people
Per 4: I'm on a boat, litterbuggers, don't you ever forget!
Per 5:  color is a distant myth in a polluted world until one girl is inspired by a colored dream
Per 6: Recycling Olympics 


from the top of Mt. Moosilauke in NH from the top of Mt. Moosilauke in NH

Calanada 2009: Santa Rosa

Planting Chives in the Dark