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Misty's Week of Colors: Red & Yellow

Since I was not home at all yesterday I woke up this morning to a light-filled studio and spent some quality time with my paints and chocolate. 

heart and mind heart and mind

In general I do not like either of these colors. Red is too angry and yellow is too obnoxious, which is why I appreciate Misty's challenge this week. I am trying new things and greatly enjoying it. 

if my heart broke i would be lost if my heart broke i would be lost

This red one was a battle, but only because I used too much water-soluble black crayon in the background and it kept bleeding and mixing in, making every layer darker than it was supposed to be. But I made it work in the end.

if i lost my mind i would die if i lost my mind i would die

I never paint with yellow and I don't think I own any yellow clothes. I never paint my house with yellow. We just don't usually get along, but I fell in love with the possibilities of emotion and tranquility this time. I think we will be seeing each other again.

These are some new people I have discovered through Misty's challenges. They are just so beautiful and inspiring I feel compelled to share.

Nelda Ream


Deirdra Doan


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