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Closing My Eyes

I closed my eyes this evening for just a moment and suddenly remembered that I have a self.

At least that is how my sugar-high, brain-dead synapses fired at that moment. 4 down; 1 to go. TGIF, for sure! This week has been absolutely frying. I think I need a weekend at a spa or something. Parent's night, setting up our mega year-long tree research project, pulling teeth to get students to really understand why we go outside for this project, and dealing with bout after bout of disrespect that I just can't seem to shake off or learn to address in a lasting, effective way! Week 4 and I want to throw up my hands! 

But the other reason I haven't been remembering that I have a self is because I have been having a lot of fun. I've put off my pile of grading and gone out with fellow teachers to actually relax and laugh and play. It's been nice to hang out and this year I have a new teacher friend who is actually younger than me, so she brings more peer connections that I haven't really had before. Fun times...and definitely time for some sleep now.


Jen Gray makes me smile!