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Smiles and Giggles






Good grief, how does a month fly by?! Ugh, I hate this busyness that leaves my blogging in the dust.

N and me N and me

These last few weeks were impossible. I had grants due, a field trip, 100 essays I have now put off grading for a week, and now another grant and more field trips. It never ends. I am working 12-14 hours a day and still my To Do list (that I live by!) is longer at the end of the day and I leave with important things undone. Part of the problem is new curriculum. Changes have caught up to us in 8th grade and I am now putting together our chemistry unit as I go. But I think it is going well and I have it under control. 

Last weekend I had the very good fortune of having Monday off (my birthday; how convenient!) so B and I went to NJ to see good friends...including the cutest baby by far. Oh I had so much fun making her laugh and chilling out with the new mom taking some much needed rest. AND B learned how to change a diaper! (No, that will not be a needed skill in 9 months...but in a few years maybe.)

N with Aunty S N with Aunty S


Shirts are coming! An order was delayed 3 weeks but FedEx says they are on the way. Custom orders that you all have asked for will be filled first, then I will work on filling the Etsy store. I have not forgotten about you who asked for shirts!!!

And one more smile...


Closing My Eyes