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Unscheduled Day Off

I fill up unscheduled days quite fast. A little more sleep, a little etsy, a little mixing of music on iTunes, more firewood, play with fire, more music, YouTube music videos, blogging, phone calls to organize retreat, talk to my mom, school planning...yeah, lots done but nothing to really check off on the ol' To Do List. Still it is wonderful to just be here at home with the fire, my lifeblood (the internet), brownies, bed, and sunshine.      

Design Sponge has this amazing post of a Before & After beach house that I just love.  I especially love the bathroom. This picture is from the post and I think it will be the force behind what I do in the upstairs bathroom whenever we do it over (next Fall maybe?). Love the wainscoting and the white subway tile.  


Storage will be the big issue up there, though storage is the big issue EVERYWHERE in this house...we took it all out in the renovations! Yikes! I know we need a vanity sink with storage underneath, a mirror cabinet and deep cabinets over the toilet for towels and big things. I found this sink from ikea that I think is perfect. I like the wide design; it will be good for 2 people cramming in there when needed.


The Design Sponge post mentioned that they used marble tile, which I was already thinking of. Home Depot has some cheap 12" marble tile that will be just beautiful and compliment the rest of the room. This should keep the space nice and light, because it is TINY! In fact, just for laughs, I'll show you what it looks like right now.  


Isn't that so inspiring? (insert sarcastic smile there)Well as a testimony to what Ben and I are capable of, here are some pictures of how the bedroom is shaping up. It is almost done (in fact we are supposed to do some trimming out later today) and I am very pleased with it. I feel like this is what you get when you take your time and slowly mold a space into a perfect reflection of your initial vision and inspiration. Maybe you can't see it quite yet, but some trim, furniture, fabric, texture, lighting, and art should bring you there.


And for good measure, a few more pictures of the current state of the rest of the upstairs, flooded by my always-inspiring sunshine!  

See how one stop over at Design Sponge can derail me for an entire chunk of a day? Up and Away! On to school work and saving the bored children of the world! 


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