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Home Sick

I am proud that it took this long for sickness to catch up with me, but now it has body-slammed me to the ground. Just a really nasty cold, but enough to make me feel like I am dragging around and my brain not quite function. Enough to keep me home for 3 out of the past 4 days. Enough so I don't feel capable to tackling even the smallest of projects that are heaped around me. I did get some grading done today, but nothing yesterday. Now my voice is going...but we have Good Friday off so I will drug myself up and hope my voice holds out for one day. 

Here are some photos from our weekend with far away friends...but not too far. B's destination was the Pogues concert and the other familiar heads and I were tagging along before the show.dsc_0605.jpgdsc_0609.jpgdsc_0611.jpgdsc_0618.jpgdsc_0640.jpgdsc_0643.jpgdsc_0656.jpgdsc_0660.jpgdsc_0667.jpg

Unscheduled Day Off

Blue Sky