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I have neglected to post about the various art I have been working on. Now I can't quite remember all that I was going to post about but here is some at least.

This is quite old. These are the sweatshirts I embellished for "the girls" for Christmas. Now I have two that I am working on for myself.

I added more workspace to the office my husband and I share, with the help of my mom. It is very full right now but getting lots of use.

I also added magnetic boards to hold all things inspiring and put in a sparkly lamp from Ikea.

Then yesterday we added a wire line (mom had picked it up for us a while ago) across the work space to hang shirts on. There was nowhere else to store them as we work on them and who wants to buy a wrinkled shirt? This way they look cool and I can keep the different patterns and color combos separate. Say hello to the first b+j greene clothing line (no pun intended, but oh well).

Lastly, some of you are anticipating a book to alter coming to your door in the coming months. My goal is to get it shipped out by the end of the week, but here is what I have done so far. It is a work in progress.

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