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One More Day

Just one more day...can I take it? I don't know, honestly. Migraines and dizziness have plagued me the last few days. My back hurts right now and my head is fuzzy. Time to sleep. But wait, I came on here to celebrate the coming of April vacation, not whine. Yay! A solid week of whatever I want to do. Goals? Get out the Women of the Opera collaborative altered book (I will post pics before I send it off to Pepita). Get shirts screened and put where they can be purchased. Get back to pursuing a mortgage, etc. Oh...and I should post about the rusty bike seat one of my students found. Good list...lots of fun things! Can't wait. I just have to answer 100 annoying questions and sit through watching the same video 5 times tomorrow. *sigh* ...but first...sleep!


A New Look for Spring