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EXCITED with planning…what else?

I am so ecstatic right now! I just sat down and looked at the chaos that spring and MCAS bring and came up with an awesome plan that uses all the pieces I have lying around. See, my husband is making a movie with my class, I have units to complete, I am supposed to review all science before MCAS, through my new teacher's group I have to do an inquiry project on a topic of my choice (differentiation), and I want to go outside as much as possible in June.

So this is what I came up with. Differentiation inquiry project will happen dring MCAS review. Students will pursue a project avenue of their choice to learn what testing determines in their weakest area in science. During MCAS B will distract them from their torture by making a movie with them. Could be any topic but I or they need to think of a way to give it some focus. And then after MCAS we will do a series of outside observations of our schoolyard ecosystem and prep for the science fair.

Rock on! This means that after April vacation I will be mostly done teaching new content and they will be working on projects of their choice for the rest of the year! YES! I'd much rather they teach themselves all the time. :-) But wouldn't any teacher? Probably not, but I prefer to guide rather than yank, pull, and drag.


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