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Just another crazy day

My first class now has 26 kids in it, which feels big compared to my others, but this is better because I have a really good aide in that class. Good help makes all the difference! My second class of the day is improving daily. And afternoon classes remain incorrigible and hillarious!

After lunch today one boy started singing "Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey" by No Doubt. I just stared at him in disbelief, which is a normal occurance with him. I laughed and then later got mad at him because it was then stuck in my head, and still is I might add. I also had a student tell me that if he got a B in my class he would be so happy that he would run around the school naked. After looking at him like he had just sprouted 5 heads I told him that he would be getting a C...he knew I was kidding. Another kid told me that he shouldn't have to go to middle school because it could offer nothing to leverage his career as a comedian. I argued that there would be plenty of things to joke about when reflecting back on middle school.

I don't know where they come up with this stuff, but it keeps me entertained and gets me through my day. Who would ever want to teach high school when you can have a constant comedy routine of randomness instead? What will tomorrow bring? I can't imagine.

EXCITED with planning…what else?

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