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So tomorrow is my first day...without students. The students come Wednesday. I feel like I have so many things flying through my head. So many things to pack in my car to take to school. Wednesday I take my first step, and knowing me, I want it to be perfect. I want to start every management practice I have found works on the first day. I don't want to go back and try to change something that I should have done from the beginning, but remembering everything I want to start doing is making my head swim. Some things I do know are: I am going to create class rules with the students, my desks will be in a circle or at least a U shape on the first day, and I am almost done with a website for my class. I have not started writing a parent letter yet...I am doing everything but this right now. But I've got time. Two days until students are coming and I am sitting here looking at the list of names and finding a creative way to assign them seats (and they will have to guess the pattern).

This is the homework box I made today. The front is part of a skateboard (of course). I tried to use the style of a Madison, WI spraypaint artist. Can you see the planets? My other recent project is on Broken Glass.

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