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Lunchtime Thoughts

How can some teachers be so negative? How can their entire worldview be so warped that they don't understand why kids hate them and call them names? How can they not see that their attitude is inhibiting the students' learning because the students do not learn in order to piss off the teacher? Some teachers' entire demeanor leads students to failure. AND THEY CAN'T SEE IT!!! I just don't get it. And it the negativity makes me want to cry.A kid got suspended today for pretending to shoot kids in the head in my class. There is more to it than that, but that is the short of it. I really didn't want him to be suspended because I don't think it is going to help. But there really is no choice...it has to happen. Hopefully we can work to help him in more effective ways too. But I am not totally optimistic.These two things are weighing heavy in my mind right now, but overall school is going well. My room is beautiful. I should post a picture soon. I have a wall of BeDe cards, posters of leaves, info about our tree project, and a big mobile in the middle of the room covered in student questions symbolizing the scientific method unit that we are just ending.Today I got around 200 beautiful BeDe cards and students came into class showing off their work. BeDe cards are the best homeworks. Kids do them more often, they are creative, they do not take much time to make or grade, and they are proud of their work. The vice principal came in to see them today and reiterated that he thinks I am doing a great job. He also told me that since today is such a nice day that I should not stay at school as late as I usually do. There is so much to do I have developed the habit of staying at school until after dark. I guess it got back to him. At least everyone knows I am working hard and trying to outdo my best. Oh, but the grading is killing me! It sucks my time like there is no tomorrow!

Fighting and Banging My Head Against the Wall