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The Link Between Mission & Branding

The Link Between Mission & Branding

Mission statements are an essential part of any organization, both for marketing and internal culture purposes. I’ve worked for schools where every teacher and administrator would have given a different mission if asked and this was a real problem. Everyone does need to be clear about why they are there and what makes the school unique.

Vision statement are also essential. Schools need leadership that can look to the future and see what the school should be like in the future. Leadership must keep a pulse on changing environments and predict how this might affect the school. This gives purpose, drive, and a competitive edge to the school. It also gives Development goals to work towards.

The issue with visions and missions is this: they can completely overlook what is actually happening.

What is the student experience? What is the parent experience? Why have both parties chosen to be there? What do alumni feel are the greatest skills they were given? What is different and unique about the school? What is the school’s sustainable competitive advantage? What extra value does the school provide — besides just facts and knowledge?

Branding should be based on what a school can and should promise its consumers. Branding is about value.

This is why good branding should inform mission and vision, and vice versa. They are all linked. Once you know why everyone is choosing your school, you can build your value-based brand, solidify your mission to accurately focus on what you do best, and cast a more accurate net into the future for your vision.

It all starts with asking good questions. Why are you here? Why do you stay? What do we do better than anyone else?