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Home Again

Detail of stained glass at St John's Episcopal in Beverly, Mass

Just got back from another jaunt East. I am really enjoying these few days away now and then staying with my brother and sister-in-law. Each time I see friends and take in some art. This time I taught an introductory encaustic class at Wishstudio, had breakfast with a new friend, had lunch with another friend, drove around looking at the ocean and listening to Hello Soul Hello Business course material, brainstormed some good stuff with my brother, went to an artist talk in Boston, went to a friend's birthday party, and then spent some quality time with a certain 7-month-old and her awesome parents. It was busy but rejuvinating.

I often feel the itch to get out and see different people and places. But then I feel the desire to be home again and settle back into my routine and my work grooves. Tonight it feels really nice to be home again and I feel blessed to be able to bring my lovely three days away back home with me and into my work here. 

More updates soon. I have pictures from all the teaching and ice climbing I have been doing lately and they need posting. 

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