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Night Driving

I worked in a coffee shop this afternoon getting some Seek Your Course blog posts written. But given that it is January in New England I drove home in the dark at around 6 pm. Call it cheesy, call it crazy but on the way home – driving in the dark – I was thinking about stars.

I first saw a single star – a tiny pinprick of light – in the dark sky. The little star had a halo. Hope was the word that came to mind. Something about that solitary star burning brightly in all that darkness made feel hope.

After turning onto a darker road I found that the sky was actually filled with stars. Orion was clearly visible above my head.

Not to be overly metaphorical or anything, but I often feel like the first star I saw. It feels like I am the only star in the sky. But really there are many, many stars. Sometimes they are just hard to see. I am definitely not alone, even if this new way of living and working is more solitary than I am used to. The stars are there, burning brightly, whether anyone sees them or not.

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