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Europe: Donegal (Cliffs and Oysters)

 Slieve League, Donegal

Slieve League

Today we saw what I think is the main attraction here: Slieve League, the highest ocean cliffs in Europe. They rise over 600m up from the ocean. It was an overcast and blustry day, but most of the cliffs were still visible and it was an incredible view. We climbed up to the top of one of the lower cliffs below the clouds that seemed to cling to the top. Ate a sandwich. Shot some video. Ben did some scrambling and I got as close as I dared to the edge.

The peat covered alpine cliffs of Slieve League...there were steps kicked into one section. Modern-day sheep herding: ATVs

Tonight was Arthur's Day, which is another Guiness-sponsored holiday. Deals on Guiness started at 17:59 (the year Guiness was started) so we got some cheap pints and I decided that it was time I got down a pint of Guiness myself. And I did. Was very proud.

 Arthur's Day...oysters, Guinness, and an old concert poster from Masschusetts

As we took in some live music I decided that our it was time to act on our trip's mantra: Eat the haggis! The local favorite: Donegal Bay Oysters and Guiness. So we ate raw oysters. First time! We made this funny movie as we filmed each other's reactions. Slippery and chewy I acutally kind of liked them. Salty and had good flavor. A good craic indeed! (craic=time...said "crack") 

I'm pretty sure county Galway is my favorite, but don't tell the people here. Donegal has a nice charm, but the mountains in Connemara were better by far. But the cliffs of Slieve League were pretty amazing. Tomorrow we do some more hiking.

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