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Europe: Inishmor and Muses

Dún Eochla - a circular fort on Inishmor

I have a confession to make. When I think about the possibility of being robbed on a city street I always clearly envision myself pulling off some wicked ninja moves to show the thief who is boss. I see myself leap over cars and doing somersaults over fences to get back what is mine as I swing my leg up to smash his jaw and use some special moves to flip him with a single twist of my wrist. In my head I am a ninja.


I caught myself envisioning all this in the last couple days and finally today it surfaced enough into my consciousness that I just had to laugh at myself. A lot goes on in my subconscious mind. The more I focus on it and the more I hone in on the humorous and serious insights in my subconscious I am realizing that my subconscious mind is my muse. The things that I imagine and conjure are often what I paint. The funny stuff is the sense of humor I really didn't think I had. It is fascinating to me the more I slow down and pay attention to it.


About the Island


I feel myself slowing down. I feel myself finally realizing that this trip is no longer a dream – I am living it. I feel myself starting to reflect more and notice patterns in life. I still feel the insatiable desire to explore and try everything. 


Before I left my friend Michele told me that my mantra for this trip needs to be "Eat the haggis." Try everything. Get the full experience. A good mantra. And yes, I will try haggis. I will be in trouble if I don't. 


Waves breaking against the cliffs next to fort Dún Aengus
I absolutely fell in love with the island of Inishmor. Today we rented bikes and biked around to see the ancient forts that remain still. We said hello to cows, donkeys, horses and dogs. We watched the waves crash against the cliffs for a long while. We ate lunch in a fort dating back to 1100 B.C. We cruised down rocky paths and panted up steep hills. We drank pints and ate fresh fish. It was lovely and worth even feeling super sick on the ferry ride back to our car today...my special anti-dizzy meds had worn off. I'm fine now.


Tonight we are in Galway. Took in some wonderful Irish music and dancing tonight (made a little movie!). Will post that tomorrow hopefully. Goodnight!


* Keep going for a short video by Ben of the waves crashing against the cliffs. *
Dún Aengus (Initial wall was built in 1100 B.C.) and the surrounding cliffs
Dún Eochla and the newer fort/lighthouse at the highest point of the island.Ben on Dún Eochla with the village of Kilronan in the distance.

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