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Birthing a Website


Most of my friends are having babies. Two in the last month. I have been surrounded by birthing stories, sleep-deprived women, cute little lives, and much joy along with a good dose of anxiety.



In no way do I wish to diminish their labor, struggles, and sleep-deprived zombie-like states, but I do kind of feel like I have slipped sideways into a similar postpartum alternate universe. I am beyond ecstatic to have Seek Your Course launched and looking so beautiful. I am so tired I could cry. I am overwhelmed by what is still left to do, although it is mostly stuff only I notice. I am filled with so much gratitude for all who believed in the project, sent encouraging notes, mentored me, jumped in with me, and submitted stuff in the last month. I feel all this all at the same time.



Well, I will send out an announcement. I will get more posts on the blog. I will approve all the listing that came in yesterday. For now I think I need to go get a pastry in town. Or maybe I just need to shed some happy tears. Not really sure.


This just seems to be a common theme with my friends and I right now. Birthing mayhem.

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