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Some Things Never Change


I spent the better part of Saturday with my mom looking through old photographs for Unraveling. I was struck by all the smiles. I guess life was good as a baby. Sometimes I wonder what happened to me. Where did the smiles go? I guess I would be more concerned if I never smiled as a baby.

Heights 1986 & 1987

I love these photos! I've always loved heights. It's not that they don't freak me out, I just love the feeling. My favorite thing to do when up high is to spread my arms out and pretend I am flying. Even as an adult I do this. I feel like I need to do it in order to be true to the spirited playful child inside (although I do make sure not many people are watching). I am not a thrill seeker...too practical for that extreme stuff. I just wish I could fly high above everything else.

I must tell you the story about the photo on the left. We were moving from Ipswich, Massachusetts so my dad was taking me around the property photographing me at various spots. And he decided that the roof of the garage would be one of those spots. So he got a small step ladder and sat me up there for this priceless shot. Me scared? Nope. Smiling and waving!

My husband, Ben, and I now live just below some beautiful cliffs. I love sitting with my legs dangling over the edge, petting the dogs and watching the cars and birds below. This gives Ben a heart attack, so its what the dogs and I do when we're alone.

1985 - 10 months

Photos are powerful things. I am repeatedly struck by the connections to who I am now. My love of hammocks cultivated at a young age. Being up high and swinging on swings to mimic flying. My desire for beautifully crafted parties. The deeply personal connection I feel to my relatives who have passed on. My love of flowers and beaches. Curiosity and adventure. It all makes a little more sense with a look at snapshots of my past.

Best of Winter

An Early Spring Walk