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These Days

playing ball on the remnants of snow

March has slipped away and I find myself feeling less and less prepared for each day. Sickness and exhaustion reign and I wait for flowers to raise my spririts. Meanwhile the to do lists and deadlines stare me down.

fuzzy hope...first crop

When I have the time for them, I am having fun participating in two different eCourses right now. I am taking Beth Nicholls' Do What You Love eCourse and Susannah Conway's Unravelling #1: Ways of Seeing Myself. Loving both. Lots of think about. Prompting me to do lots of good journaling.


maple pecan goodness

One thing I will stop to gush about: the vegan Maple Pecan Scones at Cafe Evolution in Florence, Massachusetts. It is a little vegan bakery nearby and although I am in no way vegan, these are the best. They are the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Maple anything is instantly a favorite and although I once got one undercooked and they once gave me the wrong scone (I did not ask for apricot!) I go back again and again for my Maple Pecan Scone fix. I just make sure now that they reach for the right flavor.

Made a little escape this weekend to see various friends in the Boston area. Finally got to stop into this gallery and see some encaustic pieces I'd been dying to see in person. It was brief but wonderfully inspiring.

jonathan adler store


sis-in-law and my striped socks and the sweet Poppy girl


Weekend Bliss

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