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Today is the first day of February and I have just finished a whirlwind month of Louise's Big Dreams, Small Wonders eCourse. It was so nice to have a kick in the pants to get 2011 started on an inspired note! I feel like I've been showered in sparks and suddenly I am going strong.

vision board from week 2

During the first week I had my idea flash for my new venture, so I used Louise's course content as a framework for building a roadmap for it. Timing was perfect! Sometime all the doors open at once and your path seems so clear. Times like these give me strength to continue holding onto hope that there is a greater plan at work.

the monthly roadmap wall i constructed for the class. brilliant!

Louise uses giant post-it flip chart paper for her monthly planning, but my wall space does not allow for such things so I used 8 1/2"x11" paper. And since I wanted to be able to focus on the tasks, not critiquing my horrible handwriting, I stamped out the months and years on each sheet. It was a good time. Love the way it looks. She suggested using little post-it notes for the monthly activities that might move as life changes. I wrote in the big stuff like travel, retreats and eCourses. Then I have Sarah's little clipboard calendar to the right. The perfect set up.

Its another snow day here. Tomorrow too. Loving the time to work on the new project and be in touch. I am thinking I need to do some posts to be scheduled for the future so I can keep up with all the things I want to share.

Here are some shots from the studio (and the couch).

got some tea bags ready for experimentation

Inspired by Bridgette Guerzon Mills with her recent tea bag experiments. Loving her blog. Her class in July is going to be a highlight of the year I think.

got to think more about what to do with the tea...loving the colors of these buttons

my boys...warm and snugly

Time to sleep. (Even though I'll be snowed in again tomorrow!)

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