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News & Updates

We interrupt our regular La Fragua Artist Residency posts to bring you NEWS.

It is really late, but time is moving faster now and there are just some things I need to get done so up late I stay. I have a bunch of news to share and tomorrow will be a busy day and then early Saturday I am off to meet my mom in Madrid. So, news comes now!


1. I will be part of the group show Exposure at the Ceres Gallery in Chelsea, NYC from December 20-24. Looking forward to being down there with the holiday lights and showing off some of the pieces I have be working on here. If you are in the city please stop by. Reception is Thursday, December 22 at 6PM.

2. I will also have two pieces in the Projects Gallery's Square Foot Art Basel Miami show November 29-December 10. Wish I was going down there to see it. Someday.

3. One of my pieces was included in an article by Crystal Neubauer in the November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. The article is about painting with encaustics on plexiglass. Crystal had us try it out at EncaustiCamp this past July and the pieces were then included in the article she was writing. 

mine is on the left; the lovely Sue Stover is on the right

4. Speaking of EncaustiCamp, I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the instructors at this year's EncaustiCamp in Oregon in July. I will be teaching a class on how I break through my cradled panels and add 3-dimentional objects into my pieces. You can read more about the class (Bare Soul in Wax) here. Registration starts November 10, but you can plan out what classes you want to take now on the new website.

5. When I get home I am going to start teaching very small encaustic workshops in my small studio. If you are in the Western Massachusetts area and would like to learn encaustics stay tuned or leave me a message here.

6. My cuminating exhibition here in Spain starts tomorrow (the main reason why I am super busy). It will run for a week (until I leave) and includes most of the paintings I have done here in Spain. I will post pics and a movie next week. I will also be teaching a workshop here next week. Looking forward to introducing some non-artists to painting with wax with a translator and my mom by my side. Should be fun. 

7. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my suitcase finally arrived. I ran across the courtyard and shouted in delight when it showed up Monday. It has been a long fight to get someone at Parcelforce to care about my lost suitcase and at times I worried that is was gone for good. But it is here now safe and sound. The core of my art studio on wheels has arrived for the final days of painting. 

I made this video when I was still reeling with excitement and feeling overwhelmed at having it back. It is pretty funny...I'm a little crazed for sure. 


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